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BEREZKA | Birchbark sunglasses

249 EUR

Birchbark sunglasses

Berezka is a new project in collaboration with a Siberia-based wooden accessories brand „Brevno“. The sunglasses of this label contain modern optical design trends, utility and a piece of the makers soul as they are produced mainly by hand. Berezka is the first model of sunglasses using birchbark and its properties such as light weight, softness and the beautiful surface as an element of design.

Materials: birchbark, siberian birch veneer

Lens colour: brown

BIRCHBARK REDISCOVERED: A passion for Birchbark

With great care and attention to detail, we manufacture products from natural birchbark that bring contemporary design and a tested handicraft tradition in harmony. We source our birchbark from the endless Siberian taiga and let its natural beauty unravel to the fullest with the help of clear shapes and playful colours. Our products link the uniqueness of a natural material with the precision of modern technology.

Since its foundation, it has been MOYA’s pursuit to explore the fascinating qualities of birchbark, and to celebrate them on a daily basis by developing functional product solutions. We are convinced that good design makes life better.


MOYA was founded in Berlin by the Russian-German designer Anastasiya Koshcheeva and means “mine” in Russian. Since 2012, Anastasiya has been passionate about connecting the ancient Siberian handicraft from her homeland with clear contemporary design. Since the very beginning, it has been our aim to create birchbark products of the highest quality in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Material and tradition

In our products, we use solely the best quality untreated birchbark. We harvest our bark once a year and give particular care to ensuring that the inner layer of the bark is not damaged in the process, so the trees remain unharmed.

Naturally occurring substances in the bark and their interplay ensure that the birch trees survive even the leanest nutrient conditions and the harshest weather, and are fully renewable within 20–25 years. Birchbark’s versatile qualities such as durability, flexibility, tear strength, breathability, and antibacterial properties make it one of the most fascinating natural materials that never cease to inspire us.


Unlike in traditional craftsmanship, these products are made from the naturally velvety back of the birch bark, which is a modern adaptation of conventional processing, and is used extensively in the design of the stool. The lighter side of the bark has been deliberately chosen to celebrate the one-of-a-kind grain and colouring of each piece. Every object is thus a one-off, representing a unique product of nature, which is emphasised by the contrasting colour accents. High quality is ensured through elaborate craftsmanship and careful material selection.

Clean and Care

You can clean your birchbark products  simply with a moist rag. Please avoid using rough surfaces not to scratch the bark, especially the light outside. For removing stubborn dirt you can also use water and flush the products out. Please use only cold or lukewarm water (no hot water!). Too warm water could negatively affect the shape and the connections of the birchbark: the products shouldn’t contact water for a long time! 
The colour and the size of the products may slightly vary, as they are handcrafted and made of a completely natural material.

If you have any questions or need further information about the products, please don't hesitate to contact us!
Please follow the link for some impressions of the production: Video

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